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The Best Yoga Style For Your Personality

So, you’ve decided to take a yoga class — wonderful! The only problem is, you don’t know how to choose between the seemingly endless styles out there. Especially if you’re in a city with multiple types of yoga classes, choosing one can seem quite daunting.

While all types of yoga have their specific benefits, different styles work better for different people. To help you make a choice, the following is a brief rundown of the ideal yoga style (or styles) for a few different personality types. This is a very general guide, of course — no one fits into just one personality type, after all. But, hopefully it helps you narrow it down!

The perfectionist

If you’re into all things classic and have a keen desire for perfecting your yogic forms, Iyengar yoga may be right for you. This style focuses on perfectly achieving a series of positions. In order to do this, you will have to practice precision in your alignment and in the order of the asanas (poses). A perfectionist’s perfect fit.

The firestarter

If you’re all about putting spontaneous energy into all you do and like to get a good workout, then Kundalini yoga might just be what you’re looking for. This style aims to release the “serpent” (the translation for Kundalini) energy within and it will get your heart pumping.

The beach lover

If you like it hot, have a penchant for spending time basking in the sun and you aren’t afraid to sweat, give Bikram yoga a try. This type of yoga is performed in a hot (just over 100 degree) room, with a high degree of humidity. Many people swear by the detoxification powers of this type of yoga.

The zen seeker

If you’re all about getting in tune with your body and finding the zen within, you may want to look into Kripalu yoga. Instead of conforming to rigorous, precise poses, this style of yoga allows you to be guided by your body and become mindful of how you react to each pose. Poses are held for extended periods and meditation is involved.

The mover and shaker

If you’re always on the go, and you like your yoga active and challenging, your go-to may be Ashtanga yoga. You will move between a set order of poses quickly as you breathe and it will certainly be a rewarding challenge.

Another option is Vinyasa yoga, which is also high intensity. There is more variety in pose sequences with this type of yoga than with Ashtanga.

The slow and steady

If you’re looking for a yoga class to help you relax and unwind, restorative yoga may be right for you. You’ll focus on just a few poses, which you’ll move between slowly, with plenty of time to rest and breathe. This type of yoga is soothing and can help you to release tension.

Another option to for relaxing yoga is Yin yoga, which is made up of passive poses that you relax your muscles into.

The improviser

If you like to put your unique, creative spin on everything you do, check out Anusara yoga. The poses are less rigid, so you have more room for self-expression. Think of the pose as the template, and what your body adds to the pose as the finished work of art.

The spirit scholar

If you’re on a quest to get in touch with the spiritual side of yoga, one wonderful type of yoga for you may be Jivamukti. Not only will you learn to strengthen your yoga poses, you’ll also be taught ancient yogic scriptures and many spiritual undercurrents of yoga. There is also chanting in Sanskrit involved, which can be highly meditative and mind-expanding.

What’s your favorite style of yoga? If yours hasn’t been mentioned here, please let us know what it is and why you love it!

– Meditation Daily